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The Decanter World Wine Awards 2017


Many congratulations to Chateaus Grandis and Domaine de la Confrérie for their silver medals at the Decenter World Wine Awards 2017.
The Decanter World Wine Awards is the world’s largest wine competition with more than 17,200 wines entered in 2017. The 219 expert judges, including 65 Masters of Wines and 20 Master Sommeliers, rewarded examples of excellence. The silver medal identifies “a very accomplished wine with impressive complexity”. We are very pleased and proud of our producers. Congratulations again!


FAIR WINES is the PR/Sales agent for French artisan wine producers aiming to establish distribution channels in the UK and Japan. Our intention is to foster a symbiotic business relationship between importers and producers so that the importers enjoy value for money, and the artisan producers establish a stable distribution channel. At FAIR WINES, quality and integrity are respected as much as profit.


Here are the winning wines:


Chanteau Grandis 2012


Château Grandis is a family owned petit chateau located in Haut-Médoc in the Bordeaux region and produces around 50,000 bottles per year. The chateau has been classified as Cru Bourgeois.


The quality of Cru Bourgeois Bordeaux wines has leapt over the last decade. Today, with what the estates know about their vineyards, and the drive to produce the best level of wine possible, the wines have never been better, and they continue to remain affordable alternatives to the more expensive Classified Growths in the Médoc. Chateau Grandis is no exception and has been producing better and better wine, in particular since the ownership was handed down to Brice Vergez from his father 10 years ago.


The wine is well balanced and elegant, and also has intensity of flavour. It could be cellared up to15yrs.



Bourgogne 2014 from Domaine de la Confrérie


Domaine de la Confrérie is situated at the heart of Hautes-Côtes de Beaune in Burgundy. It is a relatively small family producer with a cultivated area of 10 hectares. The wine-making philosophy of the owner, Christopher Pauchard is to work with the grapes, carefully letting heir personally emerge. His wines are balanced, light but complex, can impress by their elegance and fine flavour rather than sheer power.


Bourgogne is made from the vineyard adjacent to Meursault. No wonder it has a general Bourgogne classification with Meursault quality.

Domaine de la Confrerie 1