Sakura Wine Awards 2017



Dear all,

Hope you are well.

There is good news that I would like to share with you. At Sakura Wine Awards, one of the largest wine competitions in Japan, the producers whom we have been working with have just received the Gold and Silver Award respectively. We are very pleased and grateful to those who have been supporting us in many ways.

Here are the winning wines:

Gold: Bourgogne 2014 (white) from Domaine de la Confrérie in Burgundy.

Silver: Chateau Grandis 2012 (red) from Chateau Grandis in Bordeaux.

Among other things, we work with wine producers. Aymeric de Clouet is well connected to wine producers in Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne. He is constantly asked to give his opinion on wines from a wide range of producers, the most famous chateaux to unknown ones. Occasionally he meets a new producer who astonishes him. For those, we work together to raise recognition and establish stable distribution channels in Japan and the UK.

To make good wine takes time, decades or even sometimes over two generations. The quality is a result of a tremendous amount of tireless work, which is not possible pursued without lifetime passion. Nevertheless, this outstanding work is often not noticed enough. We have been keen for Confrérie and Grandis to be recognised as they should be and their wines sold at a fair price, so that their livelihood would be secured, allowing them to focus on wine production. It is a big problem that younger generations don’t succeed making wine when it is more struggle than reward. Thus receiving major awards means a lot to us.

Thank you again for your warm support and we will continue our efforts.

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