Congratulations to Domaine de la Confrérie!

Domaine de la Confrerie 1

Dear friends of FAIR WINES

We would like to share a great news with you. Hautes-Côtes de Beaune Blanc 2013 from Domaine de la Confrérie received an award “Coup de Coeur” for the Guide Hachette 2015.

Domaine de la Confrérie wasn’t known at all in the UK, Japan or even France. Few people were aware of the existence of this small family-owned domaine. Nevertheless, nothing stopped Mr Pauchard, the owner of the domaine, in his passion and painstaking hard work to make better wines. Making great wine takes time, i.e., generally good 10 years to produce a quality wine, and 20 years for an excellent one. Mr Pauchard inherited his steadfast dedication from his father who took over the vineyard 40 years ago. You could imagine for a small wine-grower how challenging it can be to grow or even survive under ruthless price pressures from mass-produced commodity wines.

Aymeric discovered the domaine during one of his numerous journeys in the vineyards, and has supported it ever since. FAIR WINES has also been working with the domaine on its promotion, in particular helping the wine’s great quality be known to the public through our social medias and wine events. We have also been willing to present Mr Pauchard’s wines in competitions, and it has been proven right with the most prestigious wine award in France. We are not surprised by the result, though deeply pleased. The devotion of the family into their wine-making over two generations has finally been acknowledged. When I received the great news from Aymeric, I was truly overjoyed and completely forgot what I was doing and lost my way to an (important) appointment….

We would also like to thank you for being a part of the story when you came to our wine tastings, discovered the wine with us, placed your orders, and finally opened and enjoyed it on your own or with your friends and families. Everything counts, and it meant a lot to us. Thank you! We want to share this wonderful news with you and toast together. We will keep the price of our current inventory of 2012 vintage, although generally a wine receiving the “Coup de Coeur” is sold out in a day or two after the announcement, and the price increases accordingly. To purchase from Domaine de la Confrérie, please visit our online shop at

To secure a special allocation on pre-order for the award winning 2013 vintage, please email us at We also have the exclusivity of Bourgogne Blanc 2013, a wine made two parcels in the village of Meursault (at the border of appellation). This one was not presented since it is an exclusive selection of Aymeric, not offered otherwise by the domaine.

Yours sincerely,

Aymeric de Clouet & Sayuri Aoyama

PS: In the above picture, Mr Pauchard is the one wearing a polo shirt with grey and pink stripes and avoiding the camera (as usual)….




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