Domaine de la Confrérie

domain de la confrerie

Domaine de la Confrérie is situated at the heart of Hautes-Côtes de Beaune in Burgundy. It is a relatively small family-owned producer, with a cultivated area of about 10 hectares.

When the father of current owner Christophe Pauchard started wine-making from scratch, there was only so much he could do before producing well-balanced and refined wines. One generation later, all the efforts have been paid and the foundation is in place, yet passion stays as it has always been. Domaine de la Confrérie is now producing award-winning wines!

Christophe Pauchard’s wine-making is both traditional and artisan, which calls for great care and attention throughout the year. Answering my blunt question of “How do you make these wonderful wines?”, Christophe explained me that it is only nature and grapes that makes a wine great. His job is only to ensure the wine will develop in a way to reflect the true potential of the Terroir.

Aymeric tasted Mr Pauchar’s wine for the first time in a wine tasting event for professionals. It was late afternoon and he had already tasted more than 100 bottles on that day. Aymeric said it was a sensational experience. He was amazed by the quality yet the price was completely undervalued. Of course Aymeric had never heard of the domaine before. Then later that week, he drove to the domain to see the owner and his vineyard, which was located in the middle of nowhere deep in Bourgogne. Once the excellence of the wine confirmed, Aymeric purchased 300 bottles on the spot, and on the evening, he called me in London to share his great discovery with such an excitement!





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